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20/400 NuMATCH LMA Double Clad Fibers

20/400 NuMATCH LMA Double Clad Fibers

Nufern's matched series of Large Mode Area (LMA) double clad fibers are ideal for high power monolithic fiber lasers and amplifiers. Featuring a matching set of LMA fibers, this series of fibers ensure splice compatibility across the entire chain of 20/400 fiber components, such as fiber Bragg gratings and couplers, required to make monolithic fiber lasers. This matched fiber series is based on a 20 micron diameter core and 400 micron diameter clad size with a low NA (0.065) core and consists of Yb-doped fiber, photosensitive fiber and passive beam delivery fibers all made to highest tolerances in the industry. All fibers utilize the latest glass composition and NuCOATFA coating technology to ensure high slope efficiency, extended operating life and excellent beam quality at the high power levels demanded by today’s industrial fiber laser applications.  These precision matched LMA fiber sets are available in non-PM (LMA) and PM (PLMA)  versions.

Optical Specifications
Operating Wavelength 1060 – 1115 nm
Core NA 0.065 ± 0.005
First Cladding NA (5%) ≥ 0.46
Core Attenuation ≤ 30.0 dB/km @ 1300 nm
≤ 15.0 dB/km @ 1200 nm
Cladding Attenuation ≤ 15.0 dB/km @ 1095 nm
Cladding Absorption 0.40 ± 0.05 dB/m at 915 nm
Slope Efficiency > 70.0% @ 915 nm
Geometrical & Mechanical Specifications
Cladding Diameter (flat-to-flat) 400.0 ± 10.0 µm
Core Diameter 20.0 ± 1.5 µm
Coating Diameter 550.0 ± 15.0 µm
Core/Clad Offset ≤ 2.00 μm
Prooftest Level ≥ 100 kpsi (0.7 GN/m²)

Coating Requirements: Low Index Polymer.

$171.15 per meter meter(s)
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Typical Applications
Features & Benefits
  • Monolithic high power lasers & amplifiers
  • LMA fiber couplers, pump combiners & FBG
  • High power pump & signal pigtails
  • Military, industrial and medical
  • Matched fiber series – ensure splice compatibility across the 20/400 matched series of fibers
  • NuCOATFA fluoroacrylate coating — Greater fiber durability in extreme environmental operating & storage conditions
  • State of the art Yb-doped glass — Useful for generating high CW powers
  • Optimized PLMA core design — Easy to maintain single mode LP01 beam through fiber & components at high power
  • PANDA-style stress structure for increased birefringence — Superior optical performance and uniformity
  • All fiber proof tested to > 100 kpsi — Critical for ensuring long term reliability when coiling

Nufern’s optical fiber products, including rare-earth doped, gyro, polarization-maintaining, radiation resistant, photosensitive, multimode and single mode, and any other optical fiber product including custom optical fibers, may be covered by one or more of the following pending or issued U.S. Patents, each of which is owned by or licensed by Nufern:

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Moreover, use of Nufern’s optical fiber products, including modifications thereof, combinations with other products, or certain specific uses can necessitate additional customer licensing, particularly with respect to U.S. Patent nos. 5,818,630 (IMRA America, Inc.) and 6,496,301 (The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy).  See the terms and conditions specific to your purchase.

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