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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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Optical Fibers for Gyroscope Coils

Nufern offers a broad range of fibers suitable for the manufacture of fiber optical gyroscopes. Products with glass diameters as small as 40 μm are routinely shipped to clients.

While we specialize in PANDA and Elliptical Clad fibers we have a custom portfolio including all designs of SM and PM Gyroscope fibers which all have tight dimensional tolerances critical for manufacturing high precision, high-performance gyro-coils.

Optical Features & Benefits

  • Low bend loss - For lowest power consumption and longest coil lengths
  • Low mode field perturbation along length - Minimizes crosstalk
  • Hi birefringence - Minimizes crosstalk
  • Low crosstalk - Gives highest signal to noise ratio

Optical Features & Benefits

  • Fastest recovery from extreme radiation doses - Suitable for the most difficult military applications
  • Long low dose rate radiation performance - Suitable for space and aeronautical applications


Mechanical Features & Benefits

  • Extremely uniform diameters of fiber core, cladding and coating - Makes it easy to wind accurately
  • High strength with very tight Weibull distribution - Makes fiber failure possibility remote
  • Very high fatigue failure resistance nd ~ 23 – Ensures long life in tough conditions

Mechanical Features & Benefits

  • COST218 model based life expectancy of > 130 years with 25 mm bend radius and 5 km fiber
  • Standard glass/polymer diameters as small as 40/90 μm – For max fiber length on a small coil diameter
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Optical Fibers


Nufern's 1310B-HP and 1310B-HP-V0 high-performance Select Cutoff single-mode fibers are optimized for dual wavelength applications at...

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Radiation Hard

Optical fiber designed to withstand prolonged or short-term exposure to intense ionizing radiation.