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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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Working at the Optimal Wavelength

Powered by Nufern’s proprietary thulium-doped LMA optical fibers, the Nu2μ laser sources are a valuable choice for OEM medical laser manufacturing. Operation in the eye-safe 1940 nm wavelength range corresponds to a strong molecular water absorption peak, which enables flexible control of the energy absorption in tissue.

Near diffraction limited beam quality allows for precisely focused output, and the inherent fiber-optic delivery is ideally suited to minimally invasive procedures. Nufern fiber lasers are compact, highly efficient, air cooled, and maintenance free, and are backed by our years of experience and unique IP.

Optical Benefits

  • Rapid modulation (20 kHz) enables fine control of pulse duration down to 50 μs
  • Variable power output (10–100%) for fine process control

Optical Benefits

  • Diffraction limited, single-mode beam quality for precise focus
  • Eye-safe wavelength corresponds to an H2O absorption peak
  • Output powers up to 40 W


Mechanical Benefits

  • All fiber beam delivery for ease of application

Mechanical Benefits

  • Compact, air cooled design for easy integration
  • Monolithic architecture for long life with zero maintenance
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Optical Fibers


Nufern’s large mode area (LMA) and Polarization Maintaining LMA (PLMA) passive double clad fibers are ideally suited for...

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Fiber Coil Winding

With a 25 year legacy of winding all types of precision optical fiber coils, the coil winding business unit offers a team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, and winders, together capable of winding the best in optical fiber coils. Cost effective and fast winding systems allow Nufern to provide a complete range of products, from simple delay lines and payout spools to strategic quadrupole gyro coils of several kilometers in length.