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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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Coil Form & Loading Tool Kit

NuCOIL - a patented inverted coil form set capable of low stress holding & easy loading of 5, 10 or 15m of fiber.

  • Uses the inherent straightening force generated within a bent fiber to gently but firmly contact the heat rejecting active fiber to a heat sink


  • Keeps heat rejecting coils of fiber out of thermal contact with other fibers & inhibits optical communication from wrap to wrap
  • Easily loaded and unloaded for the benefit of experimenters
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Optical Fibers


Nufern’s 1060-XP select cutoff single-mode fiber is optimized for use by component manufacturers in the telecommunications...

$2.95 per meter
U.S. Military, Government or Aerospace Contractors
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Nufern's Fiber Amplifiers

Nufern’s fiber amplifiers offer a unique approach to optical signal gain challenges by offering stable, high peak power monolithic solutions. Polarization maintaining amplifiers from Nufern, with very high signal extinction ratios, are unmatched in performance, from low power applications to multi-stage amplifiers capable of hundreds of watts of TEM00 power. Based on 100% prooftested Nufern double-clad fiber, these packaged solutions simplify the most difficult optical amplification problems—reducing program costs, complexity, and time to completion.