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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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High Power N+1:1 Coupler

The LMA Fiber architecture from Nufern delivers many benefits for very high performance high power fiber lasers. Requisite for this technology is at least one Pump and Signal Combiner.

The six pump leg, one signal leg couplers utilize a unique Patent protected design that allows for exceptionally low pump AND also very low signal insertion losses (<0.1dB).

  • 12 pump leg architecture: “room to grow”
  • Pumps connectorized for easy integration
  • Pump development ongoing: current pumps to 650W
  • Optical efficiency of Amplifier ~ 90%
  • All common water cooling: refrigerant based systems in development
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Optical Fibers


Nufern's specialty multimode step-index fibers are designed for compatibility with the majority of fiber coupled, single-emitter,...

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Nufern's Fiber Lasers

Nufern’s laser technology offers the highest in efficiency, beam quality, and lifetime performance–in packages always designed with the needs of real users in mind. With a team of leading experts in laser engineering and specialty fiber design, Nufern has long been a preferred supplier of the active fibers that power the most advanced high-power fiber lasers. Now with a family of self-contained fiber laser systems, Nufern can address the next level of integration. End users of fiber lasers will enjoy the high performance and reliability common to all Nufern lasers, combined with unprecedented ease of use.