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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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Next Generation Coating Technology

Double-Clad fibers with polymer optical coatings are used in lasers, amplifiers, and many other fiber optic applications. Fielded applications require a new and broad tolerance to storage and deployment conditions typically involving humid and warm environments where previous generations of coatings were subject to premature degradation and failure.

Nufern has developed a new material which demonstrates far superior environmental performance (several orders of magnitude) aiding in the development of deployment conditions that avoid the need to hermetically seal or pot apparatus containing this new generation of fiber.

Optical Benefits

  • High NA >0.46 better enables high power cladding pumped fiber laser devices
  • Compatibility with PM and non PM active and passive fibers ensures uniformity across the complete range of double-clad fibers

Optical Benefits

  • Compatible with all standard pump wavelengths for 1μm, 1.5μm and 2μm and used in all Nufern Yb, Er:Yb and Tm-doped double-clad fibers
  • NuCOAT fibers reduce cladding attenuation caused by moisture ingression over time and are available on all Nufern double-clad fibers

Mechanical Benefits

  • Compatibility with dual acrylate coating technology improves the mechanical reliability of double-clad fibers

Mechanical Benefits

  • Compatibility with current coating stripping techniques ensures ease of use in the field and uniformity with current generation of double-clad fibers
  • Extended tolerance to moisture ingression improves the lifetime of deployed fibers in the field and OH induced cladding attenuation
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This single clad, small core diameter fiber features a very highly Tm-doped core region (~7% Tm) and is ideally suited for core...

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