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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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Extreme Duty, Bend Insensitive Fibers

Nufern has used its experience in the supply of aerospace, military, and industrial fibers to create a new family of fibers designed to be more “wire like” than previously thought possible.

NuWIRE fibers are designed to have long life (22 year design) and deliver outstanding performance in applications where temperature changes are extreme and rapid, and where shock, stress and vibration are routine.

NuWIRE can be deployed in applications with an elevated risk of chemical attack from organic and inorganic solvents. Many of the NuWIRE products are designed to operate with the same service life in spite of long term or highest level ionizing radiation exposure.

Optical & Mechanical Benefits

  • Family of SM and MM bend insensitive high NA fibers
  • Immune to effects of H2 ingression

Optical & Mechanical Benefits

  • Very high strength, high n value (typically 22→28)
  • Available in HTA, Silicone, or Polyimide coatings
  • Capable of surviving in festoon deployments (1 cm Ø anchors)

Radiation Environment

  • All SM fibers in this series are suitable for deployment in radiation environments including LEO and GEO (typ. < 3dB/km induced loss with 500 kRAD accumulated dose)


Radiation Environment

  • SM versions additionally tolerant of FX-Ray at very high levels


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Optical Fibers


Nufern's PS-GDF-20/400-M photosensitive fiber is precision matched to the active and passive 20/400-M fibers and is designed for use...

$60.00 per meter
U.S. Military, Government or Aerospace Contractors
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Nufern's Fiber Lasers

Nufern’s laser technology offers the highest in efficiency, beam quality, and lifetime performance–in packages always designed with the needs of real users in mind. With a team of leading experts in laser engineering and specialty fiber design, Nufern has long been a preferred supplier of the active fibers that power the most advanced high-power fiber lasers. Now with a family of self-contained fiber laser systems, Nufern can address the next level of integration. End users of fiber lasers will enjoy the high performance and reliability common to all Nufern lasers, combined with unprecedented ease of use.