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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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Fibers for Optimized Splicing

Tighter Tolerances

Introducing the M+ line of matched passive and active fibers for the most demanding fiber laser applications requiring the highest performance and greatest beam quality. 

M+ fibers offer >25% tighter tolerances than any other fibers including Nufern's M class of matched fibers.

Ultra Matched M+ Fibers with Improved MFD tolerance

Nufern M+ fibers are the first active fibers in the industry that specify the mode-field diameter. 

By optimizing and precisely matching the MFD of the active and passive M+ fibers, splice losses less than 0.05 dB are realized easier than with any other active/passive fiber pairing.


Nufern continues to offer the largest range of matched fibers for industrial production of fiber lasers for the widest range of applications including marking, micro-machining, cutting, welding, drilling and engraving.


  • Tighter tolerance - Reduces the time and variability when splicing
  • Repeatable splices - Reduces test and rework with lower splice loss


  • High power - Reduces stray light and thermal load
  • Perfomance - Improves beam quality and laser efficiency


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Optical Fibers


Nufern’s industry leading visible and short wavelength Polarization Maintaining fibers have superior waveguide, radiation, and...

$14.00 per meter
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Compositionally optimized Thulium doped optical fiber for 2 µm eye-safe lasers & amplifiers.

Nufern's Fiber Lasers

Nufern’s laser technology offers the highest in efficiency, beam quality, and lifetime performance–in packages always designed with the needs of real users in mind. With a team of leading experts in laser engineering and specialty fiber design, Nufern has long been a preferred supplier of the active fibers that power the most advanced high-power fiber lasers. Now with a family of self-contained fiber laser systems, Nufern can address the next level of integration. End users of fiber lasers will enjoy the high performance and reliability common to all Nufern lasers, combined with unprecedented ease of use.

Nufern's Fiber Amplifiers

Nufern’s fiber amplifiers offer a unique approach to optical signal gain challenges by offering stable, high peak power monolithic solutions. Polarization maintaining amplifiers from Nufern, with very high signal extinction ratios, are unmatched in performance, from low power applications to multi-stage amplifiers capable of hundreds of watts of TEM00 power. Based on 100% prooftested Nufern double-clad fiber, these packaged solutions simplify the most difficult optical amplification problems—reducing program costs, complexity, and time to completion.

NukW — Harnessing Diffraction Limited Laser Power

Building on recent success by many in deploying multimode industrial fiber lasers in defense applications Nufern has produced a family of compact high performance diffraction limited single-mode high power fiber amplifiers.

Delivered turnkey from our US operations these systems provide requisite high beam quality, high efficiency, and narrow linewidth making them ideally suited for spectral or diffraction beam combination applications.  Deployment is facilitated using a patent pending remote power head connected ~ 10m distally to the preamp and diode chassis.

Fast support is available from our 3 per week production capacity, air freight compatible rental unit, and rental access to a Nufern manned multi-unit bench at our Connecticut headquarters.

Fiber Coil Winding

With a 25 year legacy of winding all types of precision optical fiber coils, the coil winding business unit offers a team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, and winders, together capable of winding the best in optical fiber coils. Cost effective and fast winding systems allow Nufern to provide a complete range of products, from simple delay lines and payout spools to strategic quadrupole gyro coils of several kilometers in length.

Nufern's NuEDU Educational Components

For many years Nufern & its diverse partners have enhanced high power Large Mode Area fiber laser and amplifier technology for the benefit of all manner of optical fiber laser and amplifier applications. The tools developed and used in our own labs provide scientists, engineers, and technicians apparatus to safely and easily obtain the best optical results, reuse valuable fibers, and easily adjust and adapt key performance parameters necessary to understand and develop products.