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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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High Power Laser & Amplifier Fibers

Nufern produces the industry’s broadest selection of high-powered, high mode quality, high efficiency, long life laser and amplifier fibers, with the performance and reliability to satisfy the most demanding applications. Whatever the need, SM, MM, LMA, PM 1μm, 1.5μm, 2μm etc., Nufern has a world class selection of products available.

With OEM laser and amplifier modules deployed since 2002, these fibers have demonstrated unprecedented power stability, narrow linewidth, extreme brightness and conversion efficiency—not just at the beginning, but over a long service lifetime.

Optical Benefits

  • High conversion efficiency, MOPA power amplifiers to ~ 90%
  • Narrow linewidth at kW levels, single frequency at 10’s of Watts

Optical Benefits

  • Highest brightness systematically achieve levels near or exceeding the glass limit ~ 60GW/cm2
  • Highest beam quality, near diffraction limited

Mechanical Benefits

  • Designed for extended service life even in unfavorable pumping conditions
  • Excellent damp heat and moisture resistance without potting

Mechanical Benefits

  • Deployed in a myriad of lasers and amplifiers since 2002
  • Highest Performance
  • High conversion efficiency, MOPA power
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Optical Fibers


Nufern’s 1060-XP select cutoff single-mode fiber is optimized for use by component manufacturers in the telecommunications...

$2.95 per meter
U.S. Military, Government or Aerospace Contractors
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Nufern's Fiber Amplifiers

Nufern’s fiber amplifiers offer a unique approach to optical signal gain challenges by offering stable, high peak power monolithic solutions. Polarization maintaining amplifiers from Nufern, with very high signal extinction ratios, are unmatched in performance, from low power applications to multi-stage amplifiers capable of hundreds of watts of TEM00 power. Based on 100% prooftested Nufern double-clad fiber, these packaged solutions simplify the most difficult optical amplification problems—reducing program costs, complexity, and time to completion.