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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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Active, Passive & Sensor PM Fibers

Nufern’s NuPANDA polarization maintaining fibers are available in telecom, rad-resistant gyroscope, coupler, short wavelength, pure silica core, rare earth doped, and multiclad varieties. These fibers can be supplied in form factors from 80 up to 400 μm depending upon the configuration.

NuPANDA fibers incorporate the best attributes of single-mode fiber manufacturing, which lends itself to lower cost through large scale production.

This facilitates the highest possible proof stress strength and fatigue failure resistance along with extremely uniform optical and mechanical properties.


Optical Benefits

  • NuPANDA fibers offer the broadest operating wavelength range combined with the lowest intrinsic attenuation and highest mode field uniformity of all PM fiber types

Optical Benefits

  • Custom and precision beat length selection are intrinsic to this technology
  • No stress inducing dopants are located within the evanescent field thus making standard NuPANDA intrinsically radiation resistant with radiation performance in the range of 0.1dB/km-kRad

Mechanical Benefits

  • Made with Nufern proprietary technology NuPANDA has an intrinsically high fatigue failure tolerance, and with an absence of low strength breaks makes it ideal for coiling applications

Mechanical Benefits

  • Glass surfaces at or near the core have homogenous stresses such that polishing for splicing or jumpering is straightforward
  • Stress rods inserted to produce the stress fields are convenient orientation markers used by splicing machines to allow quick precision radial orientation
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Optical Fibers


Nufern's specialty multimode step-index fibers are designed for compatibility with the majority of fiber interconnect systems. They...

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Nufern's Fiber Lasers

Nufern’s laser technology offers the highest in efficiency, beam quality, and lifetime performance–in packages always designed with the needs of real users in mind. With a team of leading experts in laser engineering and specialty fiber design, Nufern has long been a preferred supplier of the active fibers that power the most advanced high-power fiber lasers. Now with a family of self-contained fiber laser systems, Nufern can address the next level of integration. End users of fiber lasers will enjoy the high performance and reliability common to all Nufern lasers, combined with unprecedented ease of use.