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Optical Fibers For Sensing

Multimode, graded index, high bandwidth fibers that are immune to the deleterious effects of hydrogen ingression enable new methods of temperature sensing in harsh environments. NuSENSOR fibers are the first fibers to provide this attribute.

For high partial pressure H2 and elevated temperature to 300˚C you will find no measurable induced loss in this family of fibers. NuSENSOR fibers add to a long line of premium fibers from Nufern.

Optical Benefits

  • High bandwidth, graded index, multimode, 50/125 fiber

Optical Benefits

  • Immune to the effects of H2 ingression to 300°C
  • Intrinsic low loss and broad wavelength transmission, especially in the 1060nm region

Mechanical Benefits

  • High residual strength retention
  • Long proof lengths, high proof test

Mechanical Benefits

  • Excellent geometric tolerances for low signal artifact generation
  • Minimal degradation in strength (<1.5%) after exposure to test conditions
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Optical Fibers


Nufern visible wavelength fibers are optimized for use from 400 up to 900 nm. The high-performance fibers were developed for...

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Single-mode optical fiber designed for guiding UV and visible light sources.