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NuTx is an emerging line of compact & high efficiency eyesafe light sources for LIDAR and LADAR applications. Powered by Nufern’s patented LMA optical fibers, this product family excels in delivering high peak power and high beam quality pulses.

Designed with monolithic fiber architecture and Nufern’s fiber packaging expertise, NuTx transmitters are highly resistant to shock and persistent vibration. These compact sources enable high resolution imaging technology while minimizing stray light and detectability.

Optical Benefits

  • Collimated output beam
  • Eyesafer output at λ 1550 nm
  • High peak power near diffraction limited output


Optical Benefits

  • Typical pulse energy 10’s of μJ
  • Random or linearly polarized beams available
  • Variable pulse duration 2 → 15ns (other custom pulse durations available)

Mechanical Benefits

  • Compact dust-tight housings available
  • Flat bottom heat rejection plate for simple integration
  • Wide operating temperature range (typical -10°C to +75°C)

Mechanical Benefits

  • Typical 33 cm output beam delivery cable
  • Ruggedized package for on vehicle mounting
  • Custom optical & packaging options
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Optical Fibers


Nufern's Ultra Matched+ (M+) passive series of Large Mode Area (LMA) double clad fibers are ideal for high power monolithic fiber...

$605.00 per meter
U.S. Military, Government or Aerospace Contractors
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Designed for efficient amplification and lasing around 2.1um when resonantly pumped.