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Optical Fiber, Coil Winding, Lasers and Amplifiers

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1.5 μm Single Frequency, PM, Fiber Amplifiers (Gen. II)

1.5 μm Single Frequency, PM, Fiber Amplifiers (Gen. II)

The Nufern NuAMP PSFA family of high power, polarization maintaining fiber amplifiers offer the broadest operating wavelength range in the industry. They are specifically designed to operate in conjunction with ultra narrow linewidth, single frequency seed lasers based on distributed feedback (DFB) fiber lasers or solid state technologies. Capable of amplifying low power input signals with kHz linewidth to 2, 5 and 10 W of power, these monolithic amplifiers use large mode area fiber technology to overcome non-linearities such as stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) and maintain critical seed laser characteristics such as narrow linewidth and relative intensity noise (RIN). The series includes input isolation (>30 dB at RT) and input/output interlocks to prevent system failure due to loss of signal and high back reflection, and to protect the seed source (response time of <10 msec).

Optical Specifications 1
Output Power 2.0 W
Output Power Adjustment (nominal) 10 – 100 %
Power Stability 2 ≤ 3.0 %
Mode TEM00
Output Type No Isolator; FC/APC Connector
Mode Of Operation CW
Polarization Linear
Input Type FC/APC Bulkhead
PER At Rated Power 3 ≥ 13 dB
Operating Wavelength 1545 – 1565 nm
Signal Input Power 1.0 – 15.0 mW
Signal Input Isolation ≥ 30 dB
Input Signal Linewidth ≤ 10.0 kHz
Mechanical Specifications
Delivery Fiber Length 1.0 m
Output Cable Type Armored cable
Dimensions 4 275 x 250 x 37 mm
Weight 3.9 kg
Electrical Specifications
DC Supply Voltage 24 VDC
Current Consumption 3.0 A
Digital Interfaces NuCONTROL

1 All specifications are at RT and proper heatsinking is required.
2 Stability is measured over 2-hour period & calculated using (max-min)/Avg.
3 Measured with isolator.
4 Custom OEM packaging available on request.

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Typical Applications
Features & Benefits
  • Down Hole Instrumentation
  • Engraving Laser
  • High Temperature
  • Hydrogen Insensitive
  • Marking Laser
  • Oil & Gas well production monitoring
  • SAGD recovery optimization
  • Sensing
  • Testing
  • Single mode, TEM00 beam with linearly polarized output - Useful for high-precision applications
  • Optimized for single frequency seed lasers - Maintain linewidth, frequency stability and RIN of the seed
  • Complete optical train including pump diodes with integrated diode drivers - Highly flexible for OEM integration
  • Signal input, output power & back-reflection monitoring - Automatic system protection
  • Optional control box - Provides PC control via USB, E-stop, key switch, and remote interlock

Nufern’s laser, amplifier and subassembly products, including NuQ, Nu2µ, NuFIRE, NuTx, NuSUB, NuAMP, NuPULSE, NukW and any other laser, amplifier or subassembly product including custom lasers, amplifiers and subassemblies, may be covered by one or more of the following pending or issued U.S. Patents, each of which is owned by or licensed by Nufern:

6,779,364; 6,950,586; 7,003,206; 7,050,686; 7,062,137; 7,110,647; 7,116,887; 7,167,621; 7,317,857; 7,371,019; 7,386,210; 7,400,812; 7,483,610; 7,634,164; 7,724,422; 9014522; 5,949,941 (licensed from Furukawa Electric Co. of North America); 5,818,630 (licensed from IMRA America Inc.); 6,496,301 (licensed from USA, as represented by the Secretary of the Navy).

Moreover, use of Nufern’s laser, amplifier and subassembly products, including modifications thereof, combinations with other products, or certain specific uses can necessitate additional customer licensing. See the terms and conditions specific to your purchase.

RoHS Compliant